A Letter to the Principal

“If you would lead, I would stay” PM
I remember the first time I walked into your sparkling office.  The vibe was one of excitement and exhilaration.

A friendly face escorted me into your trophy room, full of shiny awards and photos of happy people being handed a key to their new home.

And there you were, rather good looking, wearing an Armani suit, some animal skinned shoes and smelling divine.

I became entranced as I sat and listened to your vision for the company, your promise of what was yet to come.

It sounded so exciting, I wanted to be a part of it.

Nervously, I enquired about your procedures and support systems and you allayed my fears, assuring me that everything that I needed would be provided.

You hired, I accepted.

I awoke from my reverie half way through the morning of my first day, with a slap.

Back to the real world.   Realising the condition of the portfolio I had been given to manage, I soon understood that there was little or no procedures in place, nor support for me in my new role.

A constant barrage of phone calls from angry clients battered my ear drums until late every day.

I stayed, though, because I remembered your vision.

I wanted to be a part of it.  I wanted to make you proud of me.

I remember you coming by my desk one Friday afternoon, to see how I was doing.  I summonsed up the courage to voice some of my concerns about the condition of my portfolio.

You nodded empathetically and said, “let’s sit down and discuss further next week”

Sadly, next week never came, did it?

The sound of the bells and whistles continued to resonate throughout the office as your sales team won trophy after trophy.

Everyone was friendly enough, so why did I feel like an outsider?

I continued to pick myself up every day and headed back into my world of mayhem and ‘putting out fires’

I looked to you for guidance.  I wanted you to lead.

The days are long now, what day is it?

I have become grumpy, cranky, disillusioned.

Maybe, this role is not for me.

The days get longer.

There are not so many fires to extinguish now, but I seem to be out of energy.

Tired and stressed and I don’t seem to care much anymore about being a part of your vision.

Then one day, I find the courage to leave.

I reflect upon the last 6 months in your employ.

Your shine turned to blackness

Your promises, left empty

Your trophies, merely silver pots gathering dust, in my world.

But you didn’t know my world, nor did you want to know about my world.

I wonder then, why you created my world?

If you had led, I would have stayed”

Your PM

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