The Big 3 Reasons for Employee Engagement

There are bosses who engage with their staff and there are bosses who don’t.  It’s always easy to see which managers do or don’t!  You only have to go into a business and you can tell by looking at the employees’ body language.

Why engage with your staff?  Aren’t they there to perform their duties, achieve their KPIs and take home a wage?  What else is there besides the obvious one of making you money?

Even the employers who do engage with their employees may not be aware of all the benefits they are gaining by doing so.  And for those who don’t even try, this is what you’re missing out on!

  1. They market your company and products or services

Every employee is in marketing.  If you’re setting out to market a product or service, then you have no better conduit than your employees.  They can reach your customers on an individual ‘person to person’ basis.  This is at the core of all modern social technology.

Having an active and informed team gives your business far more opportunities to engage and create awareness of your products and services.

  1. They help to grow your business

If you’re acknowledging your staff’s efforts and you involve them in your planning, your employees feel appreciated and go that bit extra in their daily work.

As they are the ones communicating every day with your customers in some way, they know when something is a good idea or not.  Before implementing a plan, it’s a great idea to run through it with your team and get their input.  Sometimes, a simple adjustment can be the difference between a small increase in business and a sizeable growth.

  1. They produce more profits for your business

If you have informed and happy employees, they work smarter and provide better service for your customers.

Provided you are ‘captaining the ship’, your crew feel like they’re an integral part of the business.  If you’re loyal to them, they are in turn loyal to you.

It’s not always about money, it’s about your employees feeling appreciated for their efforts.  Of course, if the business is making good profits, then a wise employer will ensure that this is reflected in the employees’ salaries.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked with many businesses, large and small.  The employers who looked after their staff and engaged with them so they felt they were a vital part of what was happening, had an extremely loyal team and produced strong profits as a result.


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