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Why the name Real Positions?

Real Positions came about because I started mostly recruiting people for the real estate industry, hence the word ‘real’. However, it became more than just that. It is about being REAL, meaning being honest and genuine, and that is who I am. Always myself and never pretend to be anything different. That is reflected in my business.

My VISION is to place the best people in your business so it can prosper.

Why focus on the Sunshine Coast?

This is where Real Positions is based now, up in the hinterland of Maleny. Listening to your job requirements, understanding your company’s needs and finding you the best person to fill your position is our job.

Specialist recruitment services for salespeople, account executives, business development managers, administration and logistic positions. Across manufacturing, wholesale and retail industries, and not forgetting real estate and property development companies.


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Real Blog

The Cost of Toxic Employees

  The first thing to address is – what is a ‘toxic employee?  What kind of person fits this description?  Well to sum it up, a ‘toxic employee’ is a person who doesn’t fit your company culture, produces a low standard of work, takes more sick days than others and doesn’t fit in well with…

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Thinking Outside the Square

We’re told to think outside the square, the box or whatever. Yet, we try to pigeonhole people in many situations and particularly in interviews. It’s a proven fact that first impressions are very important, and surveys have shown that more attractive people have a greater chance of being offered positions than those that are more…

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Are You Aware Of What You Have Achieved In Your Job?

I’m helping a friend with updating her resume for a new job.

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3 Reasons Why Employers Hire the Wrong People

If you have a history of hiring people only to find they don’t work out and leave in a short time, then there is something fundamentally wrong with your hiring process. Don’t despair as your problem is solvable and you are far from being alone in this regard. If you as an employer are working…

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