3 Reasons Why Employers Hire the Wrong People

If you have a history of hiring people only to find they don’t work out and leave in a short time, then there is something fundamentally wrong with your hiring process. Don’t despair as your problem is solvable and you are far from being alone in this regard.

If you as an employer are working with a recruitment agency, then both sides need to address what is involved in your hiring processes.

Generally, the three reasons for hiring the wrong people are:

  1. Job Description:

Revise the job specification and look at the skills and experience you require.  If it’s a replacement job then look at what the previous person’s tasks were and the skills and work experience they had.  If it’s a newly created position, then you need to really take the time to work out what are the exact requirements to perform this job well.

Remember for a recruiter to undertake a search for people, it starts with a good concise job description.  So be willing to provide clear guidelines and minimum standards from the very outset even for smaller roles.  The more informed the recruitment agency is the better they can understand the type of person you’re looking for.  Then, they can search for the right person.


  1. Cultural Fit:

Be open and honest with your recruiter about the type of person you are looking for and the type of people that they will be working with.  Take a few moments to describe the person you want outside of their skills to do the job.

Skills can be taught however a person’s character and personality can’t.  Cultural fit in an organization is of the utmost importance. Otherwise, you end up with a bad apple in the barrel which can affect others.


  1. Over Promise and Under Deliver:

It happens so often that a company promises all sorts of things, however, fails to deliver.  It’s, therefore, important to be perfectly clear at the interview about their duties, career progression and salary reviews.  If you are super keen to have a person come aboard, then making them promises which you don’t keep is a sure fire reason for them to leave.

People being interviewed have an amazing memory when it comes to what was promised to them. So it’s always better to under promise and over deliver.  That way you have an engaged and contented team.

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