About Us


Did you know the name Real Positions came about because I started mostly recruiting in the real estate industry, hence the word ‘real’?

However, it became more than just that. It is about being REAL, meaning being honest and genuine, and that is who I am. I am always myself and never pretend to be anything different from that.

Say hello to Paulette Steele, The Job Matchmaker

If you’ve spent time searching for the ideal employee, you know what it’s like to look through hundreds of resumes and wonder which ones could be a good fit for you.

It can be an overwhelming process with a lot of ups and downs until you find the right person for your specific requirements.

I know the feeling well. So don’t worry … I am your Job Matchmaker.

I run a specialist agency based on the Sunshine Coast where it’s my only job to introduce you to your perfect match!

The perfect match

I stumbled into this job eleven years ago on my return to Brisbane, initially starting out as a frustrated job seeker … I think I can safely say we’ve all be there?!

I filled out applications and sent out inquiry emails but never heard back. I’d make an effort to apply to jobs that I felt qualified for, and I’d worked hard to make my applications stand out.

It was crushing to put in so much effort for nothing in return

Then …

When I was trying to find work in the fashion industry, a friend and former boss suggested that I look into real estate recruitment. I’d worked in real estate in the past, so assisting real estate professionals felt like a natural fit. I’d also worked in recruitment in Sydney for 5 years prior to returning to Brisbane. So the stars aligned….


I knew from the beginning that specialising in this field would be advantageous for growing my business because my other role is to understand the industries I work with inside out, so you can be confident in the names I put forward for your positions.

I felt at home!

I quickly found that I loved helping people find fulfilling careers – and I really loved matching employers with the right people for their jobs.

It’s exciting when I get to work with an employer to shortlist the best employees … and it’s humbling when I’m able to tell new job seekers that they’ve landed their first job or their dream job.

It’s satisfying to stay in touch with my clients over the years to see what they’ve accomplished since getting the right team in place, and it’s rewarding to hear their positive feedback.

Today …

A common thread over the years in fashion, retail and real estate recruitment has been sales account manager positions as well as business development and administrative roles.

I’ve expanded my business to cover these areas across most industries as there are so many similarities.

With 16 years’ recruitment experience, I am now concentrating my attentions on the Sunshine Coast businesses where I live.

More …

I have high standards for my clients, as well as my job seekers.

For jobseekers: I look for authenticity, long-term commitment and a strong work ethic.

For the employers I work with: Are reputable companies and individuals with satisfied staff who are looking for their perfect match.

⇒ As a job matchmaker: I can’t succeed unless I have strong relationships with my clients as well as the people in my database – it’s all about the people!


Employers! Here’s how my boutique agency can help you in 5 simple steps:

  1. We simplify this process by pairing job seekers up with opportunities that suit their strengths and needs.
  2. We work to ensure the candidates we present to you are the right fit for the spots you need to fill.
  3. When a client has a job to fill, they provide the details so that we can reach out to our database of job seekers.
  4. Applications come directly to me and I narrow down the list by conducting phone interviews with the most qualified applicants.
  5. The best candidates for the position are forwarded on to you as the client, and from there I organise interviews between both sides, conduct reference checks and handle communications with those interested. Throughout the entire process, my focus is on making sure that needs are met for employers as well as applicants.


EMPLOYERS: If you’re an employer looking for the right candidate for your job, I’m your Job Matchmaker. Please get in touch with me today on 0411 232 179 or paulette@realpositions.com.au


JOB SEEKERS: If you’re a candidate looking for your dream job in real estate or construction, I can also help you. Please call me on 0411 232 179 or paulette@realpositions.com.au