Are You Aware Of What You Have Achieved In Your Job?

I’m helping a friend with updating her resume for a new job. It was quite well written but it lacked that something that would have employers/recruiters sit up and say “Hey, we have to get this lady in to interview her for this position!”


She hadn’t put in any work achievements of which she had done quite a number of in her current job. It was only when I said ‘what about this and that’ which she had told me about previously, that she suddenly saw the light. As I told her, not everyone goes beyond what they are employed to do. Whereas, she has learnt to do much more than her basic job, which is a massive help in her company.


Now, that is an achievement that should be shouted out loud about! What have you done that goes above and beyond what you were employed to do?


Over the 12 years I’ve been in recruitment, I see this so often especially with more experienced people. They seem to think that what they do is common place and let me tell you it isn’t!


A few weeks ago, a business associate came to me and asked me to have a look at his resume as he was thinking about possibly doing something new. This is a man who is in his 50s and from things he has said over the months I’ve known him, he has had some great successes in his lifetime. His resume was quite bland though and had nothing about his achievements over the years. I couldn’t believe it when I read through it!


When you’re writing your resume, it’s not the time to downplay what you’ve done. This is when you need to tell the world about you’ve done and achieved! Think about what you have done in your various positions and don’t assume that others have done the same in similar roles.


Some people merely go to work to get paid and literally do as little as they have to do to get through the day. So, it you’re not one of them, let others know that when you prepare your resume for your next job!


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