Businesses Needs Purpose & Passion

Why Your Business Needs Purpose & Passion to Keep Employees.

I read an article the other day and then picked up a book and both were talking about the same thing.  They spoke about the Why in your business, the Purpose of what you do and the Passion behind what you do.


Then, over the last couple of days I’ve seen statistics that say only 13% of employees are engaged at work.  That means that 87% of people aren’t ecstatic working for their employers (Gallup did a 142 country study on the State of the Global Workplace in 2013).  That figure does sound rather high to me however there have to be certainly more than 50% of unhappy and unsatisfied employees.


That’s terrible considering that the majority of people spend more time at work than they do at home.  At least awake hours – can’t really count the time you’re asleep!


There are businesses out there though where employees love going to work and they love their boss.  I spoke to a couple of staff members recently whose company is being sold however they will stay to the very end.  The reason?  They love their boss and want to support him right up to the finish.  Those employees don’t take sick days unnecessarily, they’re not clock-watchers who rush out the door at knock off time and they will go that bit further to make sure everything is done well.


So what creates this amazing loyalty and for people to perform to their best ability?


It’s because of the three words that I mentioned in the first paragraph – Why, Purpose and Passion.


It’s surprising to know that money is way down the list of the top 10 reasons why people stay with a company. It rates 7th according to a survey I saw elsewhere.


I took a job once because the employer was so passionate about what the company did and its purpose that I just wanted to be a part of it.  In fact, when I think about it, there have probably been a couple of employers who have won me over with their incredible enthusiasm.


If you look at some of the highly successful companies out there these days, you will notice the same thing.  That what a company stands for is as important as the products and/or services it sells in the market.  They have a purpose!  Those companies tend to have staff who are so engaged with the work they do, that they simply love coming to work each day.


And what does this mean in how these employees talk about their company to others?  They’re the very best marketing people a business can have and can increase sales without even realizing they’re doing it.  Imagine if the employees aren’t happy though.  What can that do to a business?


Does your company have a clearly defined ‘Why we do what we do’?  Does your business have a fundamental reason for being?  A Purpose?  A truly successful business has a more serious motivation for its existence beyond just making money.  And lastly, is your business Passionate about the products and services it sells and how they regard their clients?


If you have these things in place and your employees are aware of them (no point having them but keeping it to yourself), then you will find your staff will be so much more engaged with the work they undertake.  They, then become ambassadors for your business promoting it to their family and friends.  Their performance rates will increase, they will achieve their KPIs and so much more……


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