Do You Have The Right Attitude?

The other day, I had a client tell me about a couple of young girls he has working for him.
When he tells one of them about doing something new, she is inquisitive and excited about it. The other one looks at him, pulls a face and basically says “More to add to my workload”.  It’s easy to tell who has the best attitude to their job and who will achieve a lot more and progress further in her career.

What does it feel like when you go to a checkout in a store and there is a smile on the cashier’s face and they speak to you in a happy sounding voice? It makes you feel good, doesn’t it? As opposed to going up to a checkout and you are feeling great however the cashier looks totally miserable and uninterested in you and the rest of the world.

I bet the cashier who is happy and smiling has a lot more happier customers and a much more enjoyable time at work than the one that looks miserable and brings everyone’s spirits down.  I also imagine the happier cashier is regarded as a better employee and probably gets more hours per week and more career opportunities offered to them.  It’s all about having the right attitude!

Having the right attitude in life has an effect on everything you do. Whether it’s going for a job interview, for a job promotion or simply hanging out with your friends. If you have an attitude that everyone and everything is against you, no one wants to be around you whether they are your family, friends or work mates!

Imagine going for a job interview or asking your boss for a promotion or salary increase!  With a positive attitude, you stand a much better chance of success than going in with a negative one.

To sum it up, you get a lot further in your working life and your personal life if you have the right attitude, a positive one. You make others feel good as well and that’s a big plus.

So, do you have the right attitude? Are you getting to where you want in life or is there something holding you back?

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