Our Guarantee

  • A full ‘no questions asked’ six-month guarantee.
  • $500 off your next placement if the person leaves within 15 months.
  • A full refund if the person doesn’t work out in the first month.

We are confident that the people we place with you will stay for a long time (it’s been proven time and time again). We will give you a full six-month (yes, half a year) replacement guarantee. This means if the person placed with your firm does not work out, we replace them for you FREE, so we take all the risk, not you.

We understand staff retention is paramount in operating a successful business, so we will also give you a $500 discount on the next placement if someone we place with your firm leaves in less than 15 months.

If, in the first month, the person doesn’t work out, we will give you a full refund if you do not wish to use our services to find a replacement.

Save hours and hours of ground work and paperwork and let us find the top performers for your company and positions. This means you can get back to doing what you do best – running your business – and allow us to do what we do best – finding you real people who can make a real difference in your business.

Call us on (07) 3843 1199 or email us at info@realpositions.com.au   today and let’s look to the future of your business and plan your recruitment process.

“Paulette has taken such a personal interest in our business and she has managed to present the perfect candidate for the job every time. Our business has grown rapidly over the last few years and I am pleased to say that the majority of placements for the new roles created have come to us via Paulette. As a result, Real Positions is our first choice and I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

– Paul Fitzpatrick, Dallen Design