Tips for Job Seekers

Résumé And Cover Letter

  • Write no more than one page for a cover letter.
  • Always tailor the letter to the particulars that are in the advertisement.
  • A standard résumé is often no more than 2–3 pages (it can be more for senior positions).
  • Always start with your name and contact details, and break up the sections with headings such as Overview, Selected Achievements, Career History, and so on.
  • Use bullet points to break up the text and a font that is easy to read.

The Interview

  • Prepare by researching your potential employer, their values, services, staff, and so on.
  • Take a copy of your résumé with you and be early.
  • Ask questions and genuinely be interested in the company and position.
  • Be enthusiastic, dress appropriately and always take a positive approach.

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“As an employee seeking a change, I found Paulette Steele to be one of the most personable recruiters I have ever come across. She took the time to sit down and find out exactly what I wanted and, more importantly, what I didn’t want. Paulette found me a position with the perfect company and I am so happy. Her down-to-earth approach, no double talking, no false promises and her knowledge of the industry would make me highly recommend her to not only employers seeking staff, but also those seeking employment.”

– AJ, South Brisbane