Where To Look For Jobs And What Are Job Aggregators?

It was interesting yesterday when I was talking to a lady I placed in her job about 10 months ago.  She loved it right from the start and she still loves it now!  We joked about how they’ll have to close the business or retire before she will leave.  So, here she is saying she loves her job and has no intention of leaving but then she also mentioned about how she was looking on SEEK the other day!!

And I know a number of people who are totally happy where they are currently working who do exactly the same thing.  So why if they’re happy do they have this need to see what jobs are out there?

I know that people have told me it’s interesting to look at what other jobs are out there.  Also, they see the salaries on offer so they can compare with the salary they are on.  And of course there could be that ‘dream’ job out there for them!  Well, you never know unless you look, do you?

So I thought, hey!  I’ll let you know about all the various types of job boards out there.  As there are many more job boards than just SEEK in Australia.

Of course years ago, there were just two major players when job boards began on the internet. These were My Career and SEEK.  To a lesser degree, there was Career One but their popularity was mostly in Queensland, due to the job section in the newspapers there called Career One.

Then, industry specific ones came along and now there is a plethora of job boards. Many of these are called job ‘aggregators’.  A job aggregator is like a search engine, say like Google or Bing, except they are a search engine specializing in jobs.  They pull up results from job boards, newspaper’s job sections, company career pages, recruiter sites and more.  It’s like a one-shop window solution for all your job wants in a comprehensive list.

Real Positions has a job board on its website and Indeed and Adzuna are two aggregators that I know pick up our jobs and put them on their sites.  Think of all the other companies out there who have job boards.  It’s too hard to look at all of them individually and you’ll be bound to miss some anyway.

So who are these job aggregators?

Well, in Australia, the main ones appear to be Indeed, Simply Hired and Adzuna.  Now just this week, I learnt of another one from a job seeker and it’s called Jora.  Then of course, we all know about jobs advertised on Gumtree and LinkedIn these days.  And there are bound to be others that even I, as a recruiter, don’t even know about!

Some like Indeed have an area where job seekers can place their resumes.  Similar to the Talent area with SEEK.  So then, employers or recruiters can contact you directly for positions they have that they believe you would be interested in.

Or have you ever simply googled the keywords for a job in the search box?  That’s what some people do these days.

These job aggregators make life a lot easier when looking for a job than trawling through the bucket load of job sites out there.  So give it a try!

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